Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life as I know it.

Nom nom nom... I can't stop eating. There is nothing like pregnancy to get your appetite going THEN if you choose to breastfeed you can continue the binge and it's justified. How good is that? Xanthe, my big big bubba, is powering along and feeds often. So then I get to eat but am finding myself making plenty of naughty choices. Nothing like junk food to give you that instant sugar lift... but then you come plummeting down. So, I'm wondering, got any good food tips for a busy Mum?

Life is good at the moment. I couldn't ask for anything more. With two wonderful little girls, an AMAZING man who I can't believe has given me so much in life and a happy home, I am happy to say I have it all. When all I have to deal with at the moment is wake-ups at 3am (by both girls mind you. Not just the newborn!), and although I'm extremely tired, I feel absolutely blessed. I wasn't sure if I'd get the chance to have a second child in life, and it is so true, the second one is a lot easier.

So... down the track... I MUST somehow get back into my handbag business. Not sure how and not sure what capacity and do I really still want to do it - or perhaps something different? I don't even have the time to contemplate it right now but still go green with envy when fellow designers are releasing something exciting and new or setting up new design space. Grrrr... but life is funny and here I am washing nappies, picking up toys all day and night and wiping vomit off my shoulder.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


willywagtail said...

It's wonderful that you found such a good man. It seems that we often go back for the same type so you have done very well there. I'm sorry that I can give you no help about the sugar as I suffer from the same thing. Do you like fruit? Could you keep all the bad products out of the house and only stock snacks that you are willing to eat but that will not stack the weight on. Perhaps some weight watchers fast deserts if you need sugar taste? Cherrie

Kara said...

I've been keeping dried fruit and nuts handy as well as avacado to go on rice crackers. I am not quite ready to 'diet' hee hee but need to just cut back. So hard when everyone is screaming and its chaos and you just want something instant!!! x