Friday, August 12, 2011

Ta da!

How good is it to achieve something: a huge goal, something that's been nagging you, a lifelong ambition. Well, I cleaned the pantry today. YES! And it feels great! With two little girls now and all of us sick with some virus (have no idea what it is but it's been 2 weeks now) I was feeling so tired and down and SICK of looking at the mess around here. We have been so house bound with sickness, the rain and cold weather so it means you sorta notice it all a bit more than usual.

Perhaps this doesn't look like much?

I can't tell you how hard it is to get things done nowadays! Xanthe is 6 weeks old now and thankfully a great sleeper - unlike her sister who was terrible til she was about 1 year old. Somehow, with two, you never quite get to eat your lunch, finish things or get around to doing things you'd like to do.

And now it's a pleasure to walk into the kitchen... Hmmm, next I'd like to tackle the fabric stash. Woah, that is just way too much to contemplate right now!

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