Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Garden of plenty

Time for an update, check in and say hi! Wowee, it's hard to find the time to post - and sadly, nothing new on the vintage fabric/handbag/kidswear side of things. That side of life is safely tucked away right now while I discover the joys of my beautiful girls, now 2 yrs 9 months and 11 weeks old. Parenting and business is a very tricky thing - and the pressure of business was just sooo getting to me. Luckily my lovely Mum offered up her vast storage space to take on ALL my fabric, junk and paraphernalia in business so I no longer have to look at it here at home. And when I look at it I get mixed emotions: guilt, glee, anxiety, etc. It's just too much for me to undertake right now and I have plenty of stock.

So... moving on...

Bluebells started popping out of the ground (top) which were planted by our landlord.
What a delight when they showed up without knowing what they were!

Instead, I want to get Xanthe into a routine and be able to spend more time with my girls and - gardening! We had the garden looking so fabulous with so many vegies before I got too heavily pregnant to do much. It sadly began looking forlorn when I couldn't maintain it but with Spring in the air I've been potting herbs and pretty flowers everywhere.

Needs a weed but the compost is providing brilliant soil and our worm juice does wonders!

We didn't get to much of our broccoli in time and it's now flowering... but what beautiful flowers! The bees love them!

Can't wait for the jacaranda tree to come back into flower.
It sits above the garden setting and is divine in summer.

My beautiful old dog Nelly. Soon to be twelve which I can't believe! Still as dependable as ever.

Hoot hoot!

One of the best garden purchases we've ever made. Got this owl at Bundeena Markets and ta da... we no longer have a problem with birds stealing fruit and vegies from the garden. The cocky's are no longer there throwing oranges off the tree to the ground. No more minah's stealing strawberries and fruit AND coming into the kitchen! Sadly, the king parrots are no longer in the backyard as well but I guess we can't choose which birds can be here.

Planted recently: carrots, beetroot, spinach, variety of lettuces, cauliflower (which isn't doing so well and snails love), snowpeas....

With us signing another year's lease here, we are happy in this little garden of plenty I must say.


Jess said...

Can't wait to visit! Plant raspberries if you can (don't know how they go in the climate) - I planted one stick last year, completely neglected it. It self sowed, turned into 4 bushes and we now get a bowlful of raspberries every few days. Hope I can grow them in Melb. xx

Kara said...

We have rasberries though they are struggling and the birds got to them! Mulberry too!