Friday, October 14, 2011

Down to Batlow...

  Lemons at the back door.

We have been lucky enough to have a little trip away down to Batlow staying with family in their gorgeous farm. When I was little we didn't get the opportunity to do stuff like this - being city slickers that is - so I just love that my little girls get to experience it.

How about this for a playground? 

Geoff's aunt & uncles farm has the most beautiful garden filled with treasures everywhere. You can get lost discovering bits and bobs everywhere.

The shed is filled with a great collection of cars. Too many to photograph...

One little chookie says hello to the others.
Camelias blossom all over the garden. Their petals are like carpets underneath where they have fallen.

Looking out from the garden. There are alpacas out there somewhere!

Theo named this orphan 'Timmy'!


Fellow in to shear the sheep.

Some of the 'girls' and their little ones.

The shearing shed.

And finally, the Tumut Broom Factory. 

Gorgeous handmade brooms that just need to be photographed (and bought!). We picked up one of these for $30 at the Tumut Broom Factory.

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