Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My seed

I have something in my mind for my next business. It's just a little seed right now but it grows and grows. Especially late at night while I'm feeding my little one and I wish I could turn on the light and jot down ideas but don't want to wake the house up.

So for now, it just sits there and I think about it, sigh about it and wait for the right 'time'. I know that it's hard right now with my two little girls in such an early stage of their life.

If there was extra hours in the day where I am not needed I could get onto it. Sigh.

Motherhood and business is so tricky to manage. To find the balance. Have you found that balance?

Can you give me the answer?


Ali J said...

you sound exactly like me!! I have so many ideas, so many ways to move forward.

but then I have eloise.

I'm just letting the seeds rest for now, tending to them, thinking about them, planning for them.

and then in the right moment, one day, I'll plant them and watch them spring forth.

too many things against me now. and I tried pushing the business a few months ago but I then realised it was taking over motherhood and I had to make a choice. motherhood won.

I work, but don't push myself so I'm not as stressed anymore and can enjoy time with my partner and little girl.

I'm so happy. :) Just make notes and let yourself do what needs to be done. Make big plans but wait for the right time to let them spring forth. I think a lot of it is hormones.

Kara said...

Yes, motherhood is the choice I want with just a dollop of business but of course it doesn't work that way!

I thought you were going gangbusters???


willywagtail said...

Don't look for the balance. It will come when the time is ripe. You can't force a seed to grow into a mighty plant. Your girls need you so much more right now and are very fortunate to have a Mum who cares. Cherrie

Kara said...

As always such words of wisdom, Cherrie! x