Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!

Merry Christmas everyone! A couple of days late but my tree is still up so it still feels like Christmas here. I ordered a stack of these cute little birds and feathery butterflies for the tree. 18 birds in all in red, green and silver. I think the same amount of butterflies. The idea was to take down the baubles when they arrived (I was worried they wouldn't come in time) and replace with the birds & butterflies.

Theo thought a little differently. Nothing was to come down and the birds & butterflies went up AS WELL! So it looked slightly mad and chaotic - a menagerie of a tree - but somehow it works! It's quite fun and looks very Christmasy.

Sick of the silly season yet? I am glad to be home, quiet and back to the usual once more. 2012 looks already to be a promising year - and New Years I get to see 'Annie' with little Xanthe in tow!


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