Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blossoms in Mt Vic

We are slowly settling into life in beautiful Mount Victoria. With a three year old tantrumming about going to the toilet, it's been all our war and I wonder what I'm in store for with two girls as they grow up. Poor neighbours anyway with all the noise.

I've been debating whether to sell my gorgeous fabric collection on my website. There is far too much for me to do much with and I'm trying to simplify life. What do you think?

Our little blossom will be 9 months old in 2 days. She is definitely a little cutie and a quiet one. Smiles. Shows no interest in crawling but is pulling herself to stand. I imagine this means we won't have her crawling around the house.

Not much else happening except ripping up branches to let more light into the property, umming and ahhing about colour schemes to repaint the 60's kitchen and whether or not we go for it and rip out the bathroom. No bath tub at present and with winter on it's way I'm pretty keen. We installed a laundry sink so at least the girls get washed.

Next is the vegie patch to go outside and contemplating chickens. Feel so cold for them already - and we don't have them yet!


Jacqui said...

Hi Kara! Welcome back to the mountains. I've left a reply to your comment on my blog so the others might see it and make some suggestions. How many are you after? Do you have any particular breeds in mind? I'd be happy to help. If you just want the commercial breeds I'd suggest Sun Valley Produce store - they are always in good health and the people there have everything you need. I def. wouldn't suggest the one in Katoomba for any livestock - I've known a few people who got chooks from there that never laid and died unexpectedly. There are other options - if you click on the Backyard Poultry link on my sidebar and go to their classifieds you'll find plenty of sellers. Another option is to wait for the Hawkewsbury Ag show and buy them there. Be a fun day out for the girls too. Hope you settle in well - I know someone who might be interested in buying your fabric. You could message her on her Etsy store at

mountainwildlife said...

Hi Kara, I followed the blog trail here from Jacqui's blog (hi Jacqui!) I think I may have met you briefly last week when I collected something (comm garage sale site?) if so....small world! if probably think I'm a rambling nutcase (sorry!) I'm also in Mt Vic and had way too many chooks until very recently, I would have loved to share the joy but just sold all my excess ones. I'll be breeding australorps in the Spring though (hopefully) if you are interested in chicks.
Lisa :-)
PS- welcome to Mt Vic!

Kara said...

Hi Lisa, yes I think I would be! Just watched Costa on Gardening Australia and definitely interested in getting our chookies going. Any chance I can visit your patch before we start to set up? Need lots of hints and tips!!!

mountainwildlife said...

Hi Kara, you are very welcome to visit us and our chooks! I've sent you a pm through facebook :-)