Monday, April 9, 2012

Keeping it green

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Vintage bathrooms: it's something I've always wanted. A 'suite' in a colour of mint green, pink or buttercup yellow. I took the plunge and had a browse on ebay. Freaked when I saw this set (above) and pounced - $100. So pick up this week then we really start planning once we see the colour properly. With hubby as a tiler, it's gonna look amazing!

I started collecting cute photos on pininterest and on google to show him the style I want. Can you believe the colour schemes? No one is that bold anymore!

The tiling on floors and walls here are beautiful... I really want something similar. To do cream or white? Being such a cold place up here, I'm thinking white...

Divine!!! Isn't it crazy?! I just love it. What on earth where they thinking? It's like being inside the human body... or a watermelon!

Now this is really nice. A twist on the modern and vintage. White subway tiles and mix it up with some natural timber.

Cute, kitsch, fun. Totally us and totally gonna work with this crazy lil house in the Mountains.

We also have to keep our laundry in the bathroom so trying to figure out do we do a wall of laundry hidden behind a built-in cupboard OR do I put washer and dryer side by side under a timber counter with a gorgeous vintage curtain to hide? Hmmmm.


mountainwildlife said...

Oh, that is going to look so cool! What a bargain find. I'd be thinking white tiles too with some timber to warm it all up (perhaps avoiding the watermelon/ human body tones! LOL)
Underbench-laundry-behind-a-curtain thing sounds good too.
Oh, and I was a little bit thrilled myself when I signed up to be your 100th follower!

willywagtail said...

I'm loving the green pedestal basin. I had to live with a pink basin and bath once and although my initial response was "Yuck. Not living here" I actually found it very pretty when dealt with sympathetically. My basin didn't have the pedestal so I made a skirt for it which matched the cafe curtains above but I think yours will look even better. I would put the machines on the floor and enjoy having the workbench above for folding, etc. Cherrie

Kara said...

Thanks guys... yes, I think a timber bench could be lovely (even a vintage door if it looked right) with a curtain of vintage fabrics or a heavy plain linen. Exciting!!!

Kel said...

This is going to look fantastic - especially with a tiler for a husband. (Our nice young tiler found the little brick style tiles quite a change from his normal work). Make sure you post some before and after pics.

Kara said...

I honestly can't wait! Just soooo want a bath!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awsome. It's not often you see vintage bathroom sets at all, not mind at that bargain! Bench and curtain idea sounds absolutely great too, maybe you could use candy-cane-stripe pastel green and yellow fabric!

Kara said...

Oh that sounds nice!!! Love love love stripes. x