Friday, January 18, 2013

I am my own client

I am my own worst nightmare. I am my own client! For my graphic design business (which is incidentally taking over my handbag & dresses business taking up most of my time each day) I haven't had a business card, cv or resumé since 2006. And it's bloody hard to do for yourself!

Finally, after years of procrastination I am happy with my business card. It's taken so long to pull together and I've managed to weave both the graphic design and handbags into the one card. I was always carrying around two and never completely happy. Probably should have paid another designer to do it!

And being woken up at 4am by my youngest this morning has meant I have more time to procrastinate... but now it's done (5:44am) so I am happy. Just have to get it printed...

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