Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life... Mount Vic and Me, renovating and postcards by Theo

Very neglectful of me - better stop in and say hi!  Life has been busy with changes to our house - the renovation to the bathroom is complete as well as floating floors and a new door, hearth and fireplace.

Theo has created her first postcard - a short run of 50. We decided to do it after the set up of my new business Mount Vic and Me (more of that later). She had two pieces of artwork: a beautiful detailed sunflower and a starry night picture with two people and a horse and wanted to create a postcard. I put the two illustrations together and included her signature (very Miro-like) and she art directed what colour she would like. I think it's just gorgeous! Wondering if I can sell them and give her a small cut... bit cheeky?

The new bathroom is DIVINE! Such a change from what we had and such a pleasure to have a bath in now! We had the old pedestal sink and bath re-enamelled and I designed the tiles. We used vintage hearth tiles as an inset on the bathtub too. It was a bit of a challenge for hubby - he had such a combination to do and cut but I think the results are amazing. What do you think?

My art cards and postcards are here! Mount Vic and Me is something I have thought about for a long time and finally got stuck into it. I have a range of 14 cards to date - and not just Blue Mountains - but I think quite special. Please follow the blog and check it out - even follow the facebook page as I grow this lovely little business... markets to follow soon.

And if you have any stockist ideas in the Mountains, let me know. Ta. x


Drewzel said...

I've said this on FB before, but I have serious bathroom envy! heheh. The cards look great, I love the one of the chair best.

Kara said...

Ha ha... yes bathroom envy is a strong thing. Thank god I don't have to do it again!!